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Play the black puffle rescue and follow the Shadow of the octopus and then you are in the secret room and you have the key.

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Q: How do you get the key from the mine in clubpenguin?
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How do you get the key for the mine in clubpenguin?

play the puffle escape

Where can you find the digger on clubpenguin?

at the mine

Where is Puffle Rescue on clubpenguin?

in the mine

Where is the game puffle rescue on clubpenguin?

It is in the mine.

How do you get the key to go into the underground lake on clubpenguin?

go to the mine, there will be a hallway with lights go in there. there is a stream go over that into a cave looking thing. that is the hidden lake.

What is the password for clubpenguin on clockrepairs?

The answer is KEY.

Where is the first paperboat on clubpenguin?

the first boat is at the mine.

When is the next clubpenguin party 2010?

The mine party.

How do you get money sign on clubpenguin?

Push the "e" key then the "m" key.

Where is the cave in clubpenguin?

Go to the mine then go through the carts

How do you get more coin in clubpenguin?

to get more coin on clubpenguin you need to play the mine play it alot of time and you get more coin

How do you find the clubpenguin key?

You find the key from the book room in Rockhopper's book.