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Go to the Plaza and go down the sewer hole and you are at the pool just go to your right and there you are. Or you can go to the Mine Shack and go were the mine carts are and your there. Hope this Helps!

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Q: Where is the underground in clubpenguin?
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How good is the underground mafia army of clubpenguin?

Very much is the most beasty army in clubpenguin. EVAR.

Where is the secret entrance to the underground on clubpenguin?

If you go to the pet shop, you will see a small circle on the ground, if you click on this you will arrive at a swimming pool underground.

How do you get underground in clubpenguin?

you either go into the mine, or to the plaza and click on the sewer lid and you'll end up in the underground pool. mhs72 ITS NOT A SEWER ITS A MANHOLE!

How do you get a helment and shovel to dig for coins on clubpenguin?

To get the Helmet go to the cave(underground). To get the shovel, it will be in the catalogs.

How do you do the field opp of the wrecked viecle on clubpenguin?

Its in the underground lake by the crashed aqua grabber hope this helps

How do you make the gift shop back from underground on mission 8 on clubpenguin?

Wait and till you are 36 years old.

Where is yarr on clubpenguin please tell me?

We know Yarr went missing but we cannot find him only rockhopper can but there is a chance that yarr went into the underground cave

How do you get the key to go into the underground lake on clubpenguin?

go to the mine, there will be a hallway with lights go in there. there is a stream go over that into a cave looking thing. that is the hidden lake.

Can you play clubpenguin on your ipod teach?

you can get clubpenguin cheats but not clubpenguin

What is Club Penguin 2?

its clubpenguin. clubpenguin 2 clubpenguin it's clubpenguin but 2 added to it that's all

Where does clubpenguin design their stuff?

If you asked who makes clubpenguin Disney makes clubpenguin

Is battman on Clubpenguin?

No battman is not on clubpenguin.