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About 8~15 blocks above the lowest bedrock you can find. Making a staircase to the bottom of the world, then counting up is recommended.

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Q: Where is the best possible place to find diamonds on Minecraft?
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Is grass the best place to find diamond in minecraft?

No, the best place to find diamonds are on level 10-15.

What is the best strategy to find diamonds in minecraft?

mining at about level 14

What is the best layer of a Minecraft world to find diamonds?

Layer 13 or 11

Where is the best place to buy minecraft? is the best place.

What are some of the best Minecraft servers?

Diamonds are a rare mineral in minecraft found by mining. Diamond veins spawn once per chunk, and are found best on level 14.

Were is the best place to look for diamonds in the US?

You can pick up diamonds from the earth at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

Where can you download an equestria map for Minecraft?

The best place to look is on the minecraft forums

Is there another website for minecraft installers that's not skydaz?

The Minecraft website is the best place.

Where is the best place to watch a minecraft video?

The best place to watch minecraft videos is on the website YouTube. Since Minecraft is such a widely played game, there are many different types and groups of videos to chose from.

How do you beat the 'diamonds' achievement in Minecraft?

All you need to do is defeat the ender dragon

What is the best plane in minecraft?

there are no planes but if you mean plains or biomes then they are all great but the best to mine for lava/obsidian is the beach the best to mine for diamonds and build your home is the forest.

What is the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft?

My advice is, don't worry about it. From my experiences, I am more likely to find diamonds doing something else, like exploring a cave system, or looking for iron and coal.