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Cianwood City

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Q: Where is the Pharmacy in Pokemon soulsilver?
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Where do you find the pharmacy in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Pharmacy is in Cianwood City.

Where do you get the medicine for ampharos in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Surf to Cianwood and visit the pharmacy there.

Where do you get help in Pokemon SoulSilver for the lighthouse?

You need to go to Cianwood Pharmacy and get the Secretpotion.

On Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver what is the SecretPotion?

You get it at the Cianwood City Pharmacy. It is used to Cure The Lighthouse Pokemon Ampharos. This answer is right-on. the pharmacy in Cianwood City in the Johto Region, and it is used to cure the ailling lighthouse Pokemon ampharos.

How do you get the secret potion in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go to Cianwood City,talk to the guy in the pharmacy(not pokemart) and he will give you it.

How do you get the secretpotion to heal the Pokemon in the light house in Pokemon soulsilver?

You must surf on Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In here, go to the Pharmacy and get the Secret Medicine.

Can you give Pokemon black Pokemon to Pokemon SoulSilver?

no you can trade soulsilver pokemon to black

How do you get the medicine for jasmine on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must surf on Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In the city, there will be a pharmacy where you can get a Secret Potion. Give this to Jasmine.

Where does professor Alvin live in Pokemon SoulSilver?

he is not in Pokemon soulsilver or Pokemon heartgold

What does the Pokemon SoulSilver game come with?

POKEMON SOULSILVER come with a poke walker and the Soulsilver game

What do you do when the gym leader is sick on Pokemon soul silver?

In Pokemon SoulSilver, no gym leader is sick. However, there is a gym leader attending to a sick pokemon. To heal the sick pokemon, you have to go to the Cianwood pharmacy and get the secret potion that will cure Ampharos.

Should you get Pokemon SoulSilver?

Pokemon soulsilver and Pokemon heartgold are basically the same game just different versions but i do recommend buying Pokemon soulsilver