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You must surf on Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In the city, there will be a pharmacy where you can get a Secret Potion. Give this to Jasmine.

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Q: How do you get the medicine for jasmine on Pokemon SoulSilver?
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How do you get medicine for Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I have HeartGold and in Cianwood theres a store there and go in and he'll give you the SuperPotion or something like that. Give it to Jasmine and then Ampharos will light up.Pokemon soul silver the Pokemon in the Olivine City Lighthouse Needs medicine, you can get the medicine in the Cianwood City and you get it in the pharmancy next to the medical center

Where do you go after you get 5 badges on Pokemon soulsilver?

You must first talk to Jasmine, located in the top floor of the lighthouse. She will inform you that Amphy needs medicine. Then, go to Cianwood City. The medicine you seek is in the pharmacy there. From that point, give the medicine to Jasmine, and battle her to get the 6th badge.

How do you get the medicine for the gym leader in soulsilver?

Jasmine? You need to head to cianwood and get the secretpotion form the pharmacy :)

Where to get medicine for jasmine in Pokemon Gold?

go to cianwood and go to the medicine building

What are the steps to get the secretpotion in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First, go to the top of the lighthouse and talk to Jasmine about the potion. Then, surf west towards Cianwood. From there, head to the medicine shop. The man will hear about the story and give you the potion.

How do you find out were the medicine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

this is also for heart gold

How do you get the medicine for jasmine in Pokemon soul silver?

building near Pokemon center on cinnabar island

How do you talk to Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must first reach the top of the lighthouse. Once at the top, you will have to give her the Secret Medicine. Here's a short guide.GUIDE:Step 1. Cross Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In here, get the Secret Medicine from the Cianwood Pharmacy.Step 2. Head back to Olivine City and climb the lighthouse. Battle all of the trainers (if you have done this, then take the elevator up).Step 3. Give Jasmine the Secret Medicine and it will heal the pokemon.

Where do you get the medicine for ampharos in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Surf to Cianwood and visit the pharmacy there.

How do you get the medicine for jasmine on pokemon heartgold?

go to cianwood pharmacy hope that helped

How do you get in the door to where the sick is Pokemon in soulsilver game?

Well, you have to go through the entire lighthouse. Then you'll be inside of the door where Ampharos and Jasmine are. Then Jasmine'll just open the door and tell you to go to Cianwood City and come back with medicine.

Where do you go after cianwood in Pokemon Gold?

get the secret medicine from the pharmacy to ampharos then beat jasmine