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You must first reach the top of the lighthouse. Once at the top, you will have to give her the Secret Medicine. Here's a short guide.


Step 1. Cross Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In here, get the Secret Medicine from the Cianwood Pharmacy.

Step 2. Head back to Olivine City and climb the lighthouse. Battle all of the trainers (if you have done this, then take the elevator up).

Step 3. Give Jasmine the Secret Medicine and it will heal the pokemon.

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Q: How do you talk to Jasmine in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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What do you do after beating chuck on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You go to the pharmacy and talk to the guy inside. He will give you a potion to heal the Ampherous inside the lighthouse. Go to the top and give the potion to Jasmine. Then you go to the gym and verse Jasmine

How can you talk to you Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't talk to your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. Only in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.

How do you get the medicine for jasmine on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You must surf on Routes 40 and 41 to get to Cianwood City. In the city, there will be a pharmacy where you can get a Secret Potion. Give this to Jasmine.

How do you do battles on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Talk to or get seen by a trainer.

Where do you go after you get 5 badges on Pokemon soulsilver?

You must first talk to Jasmine, located in the top floor of the lighthouse. She will inform you that Amphy needs medicine. Then, go to Cianwood City. The medicine you seek is in the pharmacy there. From that point, give the medicine to Jasmine, and battle her to get the 6th badge.

What are the steps to get the secretpotion in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First, go to the top of the lighthouse and talk to Jasmine about the potion. Then, surf west towards Cianwood. From there, head to the medicine shop. The man will hear about the story and give you the potion.

How do you battle olivine in SoulSilver?

if you want to battle jasmine in soul silver go to the top floor of the light house and you see Jasmine with a Pokemon when you talk to her she will say something about a secret potion's surf to Cian wood when you get down at CIAN WOOD city go left and you see a sign go into the house and talk to the guy in the house then he will give you the secret potion. After you get the secret potion and defeat the Cian wood gym leader Chuck. When you defeat him talk to his wife outside the door of the gym and she will give you the Tm fly .Make one of your Pokemon learn the move fly use fly to go to Olivine city. When you reach Olivine city go to the light house the top floor and talk to Jasmine again. Jasmine will give the potion to the Pokemon and the Pokemon become healthy and then Jasmine talk to you and goes back to her gym and then you can battle her.

Where do you get Jasmine's Phone Number in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, you get Jasmine's Phone Number by going into the café in Olivine City any day between 1 PM and 2 PM. Talk to her there and she'll add her number to your Pokégear.You can get her number by going to Olivine City diner any day between 13:00-14:00

Where is the guy with the black cape after you talk to him at The Lake Of Rage in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in the Pokemon league

Where do you get the move waterfall in Pokemon diamond?

beat volkner then talk to jasmine.

How do you catch a ralts on Pokemon SoulSilver?

listen to pokemon talk. wait for an outbreak and go catch it.

How do you get a red orb in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Talk to mr. Pokemon after beating game and capturing lugia