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That TM is given by a kid in the fossil maniac's house which is west from fallarbor town.

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Q: Where is the Dig TM in Pokemon Ruby?
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Does other Pokemon know's dig with out a TM in Pokemon ruby?

Other Pokemon do know dig without the TM dig. Most DIGlets know dig. Find diglets in Diglet cave. Hope this helps!

Where do you get TM 28 in Pokemon ruby?

you can get 28 dig on route 114

Where is the dig hm located in ruby?

the TM dig is found in the Pokemon maniacs house on route 15

What level does graveler learn dig in Pokemon ruby?

Dig is a TM, so you can teach it to it at any level.

At what level Can zigagoon learn dig in Pokemon ruby?

Zigzagoon can be taught Dig at any level once you have TM 28. TM 28 can be found in Route 114.

What Pokemon can learn dig whithout a TM in ruby?

first you have to pass the game, until then none

What can you do in the fossil maniac's house in Pokemon ruby?

Nothing really, he just gives you a "Dig" TM.

Can you buy a TM dig in Pokemon ruby?

you can't buy it,but you can get it in fallarbor town in one of the houses with tunnels

What if Zigzagoon did not learn dig on Pokemon Ruby?

Zigzagoon wouldn't be able to learn Dig by leveling up. You will need to give it the TM Dig to teach Zigzagoon.

What TM number is dig in Pokemon sapphire?

TM 28 is dig

You had dig but your Pokemon lost it in the day care center how do you get it back?

you can't get another one if you gave the TM dig to the pokemon. but sandshrew learns dig at a certain level. *I assume you have Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald*

When does nincada learn dig?

In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Nincada can learn Dig at level 45. It can learn Dig at a earlier level by using TM 28.