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you can get 28 dig on route 114

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Q: Where do you get TM 28 in Pokemon ruby?
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At what level Can zigagoon learn dig in Pokemon ruby?

Zigzagoon can be taught Dig at any level once you have TM 28. TM 28 can be found in Route 114.

Where do you get the TM for bite in Pokemon ruby?

There is not a tm for bite or crunch.

How do you find TM 28 in Pokemon ruby?

TM28 Dig in Pokemon R/S is on Route 114 inside the Fossil Maniac's house.

What is TM 24 in Pokemon ruby?


Are Tm's in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire re-useable?

Yes, Tm's in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are re-useable

How do you get a second TM 50 in Pokemon ruby?


What level is TM thunder on Pokemon ruby?


Where do you get TM earthquake in Pokemon ruby?

you can get it in seafloor cavern

What is TM 32 in Pokemon Ruby?

Double Team

What is TM 32 n Pokemon ruby?

double team

Pokemon ruby where to get TM 15?

bendover and ill show you

Where can you find the TM solarbeam in Pokemon ruby?

In the Safari Zone