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to get into team magmas hide out you must have the magma symbol!!!!!!!!!

any other question just ask me

If u don't have the magma symbol then you get it on top of mount pyre. If u have got it all you have to do is go down mount chimney on the walking path and it should open up while your walking by!

Good luck!

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Q: Where is team magma's hideout Pokemon ruby?
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Where is team magmas hideout in Pokemon sapphire?

You don't get it in Sapphire, only Ruby and Emerald

Where Do you find team magmas hideout in ruby?

it is at mt chimney

Where is team magmas hideout on ruby?

north east of lilycove

How do you get the masterball in Pokemon ruby?

i think you can get one in team magmas hideout in lilycove city but im not sure. good luck;)

How do you get in team magmas hideout in Pokemon ruby?

go to splatsport city then a guy will be being intervuid follow him and then go back to lilycove CITY

Team magmas final hideout in ruby?

The final hideout is between Sootopoolis and Mossdeep. Use dive when you see the sub.

Where is team magmas hideout on Pokemon emerald?

You go to mt chimny and then a rock will shak and resemble a hole and that's team magmas hideout . But I think you need a mechamp to get in.

How do you catch a graveler in Pokemon emerald?

you can catch one in team magmas hideout

How do you beat team magmas base in Pokemon ruby?

by having strong Pokemon

How do you get into team aqua's hideout on emerald?

after getting into team magmas hideout

Is there a master ball in team magmas hideout?

There is a master ball in the Team Magma's hideout in Pokémon Ruby Sapphire, and Emerald. Look in the Hoenn region for the Team Magma's base of operations.

How do you get into team magmas hideout?

you have to catch groundon