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they are in a underwater cavern in route 128, but be carfull make a wrong turn and you will be sent back to the begining and you also battle the leader

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Q: Where is team aqua after the 7th gym on Pokemon emerald?
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What do you do after getting your 7th badge in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Space Center will see Team Magma.

Where and when do you use dive to beat team aqua on Pokemon sapphire?

i think you get to the underwater cavern after beating the 7th gym leader

Where are the twins in Pokemon Emerald?

In 7th gym

What do i do next after i get the 7th badge in Pokemon in emerald?

Go to the Pokemon league.

Pokemon emerald where is the 7th gym?

mossdeep city

How do you get to seventh gym leader if there are wailmers in Pokemon Emerald version?

Good question, Getting past the Wailmers is one of the hardest parts of the game. I do not remember Perfectly but i think that you have to go to mount Piere and fight of the team that is there. Then go to slateport and go by the research place (bunch of reporters) go in see team aqua and Then you can come back and, STOP... Make sure you defeat the aqua hideout which is located in the big cave right in the water. Right after you pass the wailmers go up and you should find a door, it is the team aqua hideout. Only go in if you are ready and just so you know there is a master ball in the hideout. Then i guess you can go to mossdeep city and fight the 7th gym leader. Remember i am not certain this if the right way to do it. If this turns out to be wrong you could find a walkthrough for Pokemon emerald and use that. I am sure you could Google Pokemon emerald walkthroughs and ficd a few decent ones.

What do you do after you read team magmas note in Pokemon emerald?

you go and deafeat the 7th gym then you go to the space station and deafeat a few magma grunts and team up with steven

Where do you find the 7th gym in Pokemon ruby?

Mossdeep Island; surf east along route 124 from Lilycove. To do this you'll have to have cleared out the Team Aqua base, as there is an aqua grunt trying to move a pack (flock?) of Wailord in your way.

Where is the seventh Gym in Pokemon Sapphire Ruby Emerald and what type of Pokemon are there?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald the 7th Gym that's located in Mossdeep City has Psychic type Pokemon.

Is this team is good for the 7th gym in emerald?

a team that includes water and dark attacks

What Pokemon is best Pokemon to defeat 7th gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

Any Pokemon with ice or electric moves

How do you get the 7th emblem in Pokemon Emerald?

Depending on who it is, you still have to beat the Brain.