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Go to Space Center will see Team Magma.

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Q: What do you do after getting your 7th badge in Pokemon emerald?
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What do i do next after i get the 7th badge in Pokemon in emerald?

Go to the Pokemon league.

Where do you get the five badges in Pokemon Emerald?

It depends which ones are you looking for. The 8th Badge is in Sootopolis, The 7th badge is in Mossdeep, The 6th Badge is in Fortree, The 5th badge Is your dad in emerald it is found at Petalburg, the 4th Badge is in Fallabore, The 3rd badge is in Mauville, The 2nd badge is in Dewford, The 1st badge is in Rustboro.

Where is the 7TH gym badge in emerald?


Where is the 7th badge in Pokemon Gold?

The 7th badge is in mahogany town.

After getting the 7th badge in Pokemon platinum where do you go?

sunnyshore city of snowpointy city

Where can you find the HM dive?

This HM is exclusive to ruby, sapphire and emerald versions. You receive it from steven after getting the 7th badge.

Where can I find Steven after getting 7th badge and defeated team magma in Pokemon emerald?

you cant find him until you become Pokemon league champion... but after you become Pokemon league champion you can find him in meteor falls and he'll battle all his Pokemon are in the 70's though

Where the 7th gym bage is in emerald?

The seventh gym badge in Emerald is located in Mossdeep City.

How do you get past the Aqua in the Seafloor cavern Pokemon Emerald?

All you have to do is go down there and beat them but you need the dive hm and the 7th gym badge

The Pokemon tracer app in Pokemon Diamond?

the poketch marking map can be obtained by the poketch president after getting the 5th or 7th badge

What badge do you need to use Rock Smash in Pokemon FireRed?

The 7th badge.

Where to get the badge thet allows you to use rock smash on Pokemon firered?

The 7th badge

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