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The 7th badge

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Q: Where to get the badge thet allows you to use rock smash on Pokemon firered?
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What badge do you need to use Rock Smash in Pokemon FireRed?

The 7th badge.

How do you use rock smash outside in Pokemon FireRed?

Once you get the 7th badge you will be able to use rock smash outside of battle.

How to smash stones Pokemon FireRed?

Get Rock Smash

You don't have the badge for rock smash can you get off the islands in Pokemon firered?

Yes with and without rock smash all you have to do is to do what celio asked you Yes with and without rock smash all you have to do is to do what celio asked you

How do you smash rocks in Pokemon FireRed?

You get the HM rock smash and teach it to one of your Pokemon. You get it on island 1.

In pokemon leafgreen when can you use rock smash?

As soon as you get the 7th badge and the HM rock smash.

What HMTM breaks rocks in Pokemon FireRed?

Rock Smash.

How do you break boulders in Pokemon FireRed?

Get the HM Rock Smash!

What do all the badges do in Pokemon diamond?

Coal Badge (Roark, Oreburgh City) -Allows Rock Smash out of battle Forest Badge (Gardenia, Eterna City) -Allows Cut out of battle Cobble Badge (Maylene, Veilstone City) -Allows Fly out of battle Fen Badge (Crasher Wake, Pastoria City) -Allows Defog out of battle Relic Badge (Fantina, Hearthome City) -Allows Surf out of battle Mine Badge (Byron, Canalave City) -Allows Strength out of battle Icicle Badge (Candice, Snowpoint City) -Allows Rock Climb out of battle Beacon Badge (Volkner, Sunyshore City) -Allows Waterfall out of battle

Is it possible to dive Pokemon FireRed?

No, it isn't but you can Rock Smash and Waterfall

How do you remove rocks in Pokemon FireRed?

you use rock smash or streagth

How do marcargo in Pokemon FireRed?

Mt. Ember basement 3(rock smash)

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