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As soon as you get the 7th badge and the HM rock smash.

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Q: In pokemon leafgreen when can you use rock smash?
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What HM can you use after beating Sabrina Pokemon LeafGreen?

Rock smash

In Pokemon LeafGreen where do you get the hm rock smash?

On one island use Surf and go north reach the Ember Spa and enter find an old man in the corner and talk to him to get the HM rock smash.

What Pokemon can use rock smash?

A wide variety of Pokemon can use Rock Smash. Most Fighting, Rock and Ground type Pokemon can learn the move Rock Smash from the TM or HM depending on the Pokemon version.

How many times you have to use rock smash in Pokemon heart gold?

you need rock smash in caves but i didnt learn rock smash to my pokemon team. you have to use it on a pokemon thats not important

Can Pokemon Oddish use rock smash?

No Oddish cannot learn Rock Smash.

Will you use rock smash in Pokemon black?

In this game, rock smash is not an HM, it is a TM.

Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon do you use to smash rocks?

Find a Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash. Like Geodude.

Were do you use rock smash to get the Helix Fossil in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Use Rock Smash outside the Ruins of Alph.

How do you smash rocks in Pokemon white version?

You use the Rock Smash TM

How do you use rock smash outside in Pokemon FireRed?

Once you get the 7th badge you will be able to use rock smash outside of battle.

Pokemon liquid crystal how to get hm rock smash?

In Pokemon Liquid Crystal, you can obtain HM Rock Smash by speaking with a man in Violet City. He is located near the Pokemon Center and Sprout Tower. After receiving HM Rock Smash, teach it to a Pokemon that is capable of learning the move, and then you can use it to smash rocks blocking your path.

How do you smash stones on Pokemon soul silver?

You use HM Rock Smash on smashable rocks.