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Mossdeep Island; surf east along route 124 from Lilycove. To do this you'll have to have cleared out the Team Aqua base, as there is an aqua grunt trying to move a pack (flock?) of Wailord in your way.

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Q: Where do you find the 7th gym in Pokemon ruby?
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Where is the seventh Gym in Pokemon Sapphire Ruby Emerald and what type of Pokemon are there?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald the 7th Gym that's located in Mossdeep City has Psychic type Pokemon.

What Pokemon does 7th gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

Tate and Liza have: Solrock and Lunatone

Where you will find seventh gym in Pokemon ruby destiny?

You can find it once you enter Gengar's heart. To find it go to Drakfol Cave and go deep inside. There you will find the 7th gym. I would take some rock Pokemon for the leader.

Can you beat the 7th gym with level 36 Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

YES You CAN It Count what Pokemon it is!!!!!!!!! And I Bet the 8th gym with a 36

Where is the 2 gym in Pokemon ruby destiny?

you can find the electrica gym in mauville city

Were is the 7 gym in Pokemon Ruby destiny 4?

Pokemon ruby where is the 6 gym

What do you do after you fight the second gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

Find cut

Where do you find Wallace Pokemon Ruby?

He is the sootopolis city gym leader.

In Pokemon ruby gym no 5?

petalburg gym

Where do you find the key to open the 7th gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will find the key to the Gym of Cinnabar Island, From the Pokemon Mansion that is on the same island.

What Pokemon do you need to catch Groudon in ruby?

nothing stupid, just find groudon after you beat the 7th gym leader and go to the place where you beat the 8th gym leader .then you will find Steven and he will lead you to a cave and keep on walking until you find groudon.

Which gym is your fathers gym on Pokemon ruby?

its the petalburg gym and/or gym 5.