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The Fourth Gym is in Lavaridge City.

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Q: Where is the fourth gym in Pokemon ruby?
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How do you get the fourth badge in Pokemon ruby?

Beat the Gym Leader

Which gym in Pokemon ruby is the fourth?

The Fourth Pokemon Gym in Ruby is located in Lavaridge town. It is home to Flannery who specializes in fire pokemon. (just give them a good hosedown and take a swim in the hotspring)

Where is the fourth gym in Pokemon ruby reign of legends?

i dont now

In Pokemon Ruby how do you get the hm stength?

It's in the town with the fourth gym leader.

How do you get approval to use a strength in Pokemon ruby?

By defeating the the fourth gym leader

When you enter the fourth gym in Pokemon ruby there is a mist covering you what should you do?

you should upgrade your emulator

Were is the 7 gym in Pokemon Ruby destiny 4?

Pokemon ruby where is the 6 gym

What are the Pokemon that the fourth gym leader have in Pokemon ruby?

I dont know if im right, but she has a Toarkal, Camerupt, maybe Numel, and Slugma

Where do you get the fourth badge in Pokemon ruby?

Lavaridge town is where you get the fourth badge in ruby.Hint:the gym leader uses fire types so use a water type.

What type is the fourth gym leader in Pokemon firered?

The fourth gym at Pokemon fire red is grass type gym

In Pokemon ruby gym no 5?

petalburg gym

Which gym is your fathers gym on Pokemon ruby?

its the petalburg gym and/or gym 5.