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Sleep powder is a move that can be learned by most grass type Pokemon sleep powder is not a move taught by a regular move tutor nor is it a TM you can though teach the Pokemon sleep powder if it can learn it from the super move tutor on two island.

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Q: Where is sleep powder in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What Pokemon can learn sleep powder in Pokemon leafgreen?

Pretty much most bug, grass, and poison types can.

Where can you find sleep powder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The move? Um... buy a TM? Or is this an item you're referring to...

What is the easiest way you can capture Mewtwo on Pokemon leafgreen?

Weaken it to red hp, Paralyze it or make it sleep with thunder wave or sleep powder, use many ultra balls eventually you will get it.

What does sleep powder do?

its a Pokemon attack that puts Pokemon to sleep

Were do you get TM sleep powder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The only way to get Sleep Powder in Pokémon Leaf Green is to level a Pokémon until it learns it. It is not available as a TM.

Can you make berry powder with different Pokemon games?

only firered and leafgreen.

What moves puts Pokemon to sleep?

sing grass wistle sleep powder

What move can make Pokemon sleep in Pokemon fire red?

sleep powder catch a butter free and level it up afew times then it will try to learn sleep powder

What item can put Pokemon to sleep?

There are no items that can put Pokemon to sleep, only moves like hypnosis and sleep powder.

What TM makes a Pokemon GO to sleep in Pokemon GOld?

Hypnosis, sleep powder, stuff like that...

What attack can make another Pokemon sleep?

Hypnosis, sleep powder etc

What level does Bayleef learn Sleep Powder at in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Bayleef Does Not Learn Sleep Powder in HeartGold/SoulSilver