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sleep powder catch a butter free and level it up afew times then it will try to learn sleep powder

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Q: What move can make Pokemon sleep in Pokemon fire red?
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Where to catch the Pokemon that has a move can let a Pokemon sleep?

Well in Fire Red, you always have Poliwhirl's in the top left corner of Cerulean City. They know Hypnosis!

Where is sleep powder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sleep powder is a move that can be learned by most grass type Pokemon sleep powder is not a move taught by a regular move tutor nor is it a TM you can though teach the Pokemon sleep powder if it can learn it from the super move tutor on two island.

A move that puts Pokemon to sleep?

Spore!!! the move is spore

Does the move spore put the user's to sleep Pokemon to sleep?

Yes, spore does put a Pokemon to sleep. It will incduce sleep every time.

How do you defeat steven in Pokemon ruby?

have a strong fire Pokemon or fire move

What puts Pokemon to sleep?

the move hypnosis

How do you make Alakazam learn Fire Punch on Pokemon FireRed?

The only way Alakazam can learn Fire Punch is through a Move Tutor on Pokemon Emerald Version.

What do you do with ember in Pokemon Yellow?

It is a fire type Pokemon move that inflicts damage, It has a power level of 40 It is the weakest fire type move that is perfect for low level fire Pokemon.

What is a move to make a Pokemon sleep in Pokemon ruby with 5 letters that starts with s has an o in the middle and a e at the end?

Spore. I'm not sure whether any Pokemon in ruby learns that move, though...

What is a sleepy Pokemon?

a sleepy Pokemon is a Pokemon that has been hit by a move such as sleep powder and may go to sleep. or maybe it has a personality that is sleepy.

Which attack makes enemy Pokemon to sleep in Pokemon black and white?

the move sing does. that's really the only move the puts enemy Pokemon to sleep. oh wait yawn also does.

What is the beat fire move on Pokemon pearl?

fire blast