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there isnt any route 116 and 117 in pearl. its in the 200's!!!

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Q: Where is route 116 and 117 in Pokemon pearl?
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Where to get feebas in pearl?

feebas is on route 116/117 and it is only in four squares of water. sorry if rate is little low =(

How do you get to route 117 in Pokemon Diamond?

Route 117 is in Pokemon Emerald. You can't get there.

Where you can breed Pokemon on emerald?

You can breed Pokemon in route 117.

Where is voltbeat on Pokemon emerald?

route 117

How do you get the hm move after you've beat the 7th gym leaderin snowpoint city on Pokemon diamond?

By a house on either route 116 or 117 and there is the HM Rock Climb

Where do I catch Roselia on Pokemon sapphire?

Route 117

Where is Roselia found in Pokemon?

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire: Route 117. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Route 212, 221, 224, 225, 229, Safari Zone, Trophy Garden. Pokemon Platinum: Route 208, 209, 210, 212, 221, 224, 229, Trophy Garden. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver: Safari Zone.

Where do you catch illumuse on Pokemon sapphire?

They are rare on Route 117

How do you catch an illumise in Pokemon emerald?

You can find it at route 117

Where to get volbeat in emerald?

You can find Volbeat on Route 117 in Pokemon Emerald Version.

Pokemon Ruby - What city is the daycare in?

The Daycare is on Route 117 beside Mauville

Are there marrils in Pokemon sapphire?

-Evolves from Azurill (Taming) -Petalburg City -Route 102 -Route 111 -Route 114 -Route 117 -Route 120