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There are 2 ways to get to Verdanturf Town.

1. Get to Mauville city and then pass through route 117 and it will take you straight to Verdanturf town.

2.The second way is to take the cave on route 116 that is near Rustboro city. You will need rock smash to get to it if you take this way.

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Q: How do you get to Verdanturf town in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get to verdanturf town Pokemon emerald?

you have to go west of mauville and the city at the end is verdanturf

How do you get nest ball in Pokemon Emerald?

You can buy them at Verdanturf Town.

Pokemon emerald how do you know a Pokemon love you?

One of the houses in Verdanturf Town. There is a lady who will enlighten you as to how much the Pokemon likes you.

Where is wally's house-pokemon emerald version?

It is in Verdanturf.

How do you get Strength in Pokemon Emerald?

You can get strength in Pokemon emerald by using rocksmash on the rocks in Verdanturf tunnel. a guy will give it to you

Where does wally live in Pokemon sapphire?

verdanturf town

Where do you get TM 45 in Pokemon emerald?

You can get it from a person in the lobby of the Verdanturf Battle tent.

Where is the easy rank contest in Pokemon sapphire?

The easy rank (known as Normal rank) can be found in Verdanturf town in Ruby and Sapphire. In Emerald, all ranks are in the Lilycove Pokemon Contest Center.

Where do you make poke block Pokemon emerald?

Go to a Contest Hall like the one in Verdanturf Town and (first u need a pokeblock case; can be found in Verdanturf Contest Hall) and talk to the old man and he will let you make a pokeblock

Where is the first gym leader on Pokemon emerald?

The first Gym is in Rustboro city. Which is by the tunnel to Verdanturf.

Does anyone love you in emerald?

no but you like yourself.AnswerIf you are lucky, Pokemon can become your best friend in-game. Ask the Girl in the House Most left in Verdanturf town, If you want to know if your Pokemon loves you or not. Switch Pokemon to check them all.

Where are all of the normal rank Pokemon contests are in Pokemon ruby red version?

Verdanturf town.