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You can buy them at Verdanturf Town.

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Q: How do you get nest ball in Pokemon Emerald?
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What does a nest ball in Pokemon do?

The Nest Ball makes it easier to catch Pokemon of a low level.

How do you get nest ball on emerald?

You can purchase them at the pokemart in verdanturf.

Where can you buy timer ball in Pokemon emerald?

you cant get a timer ball in emerald

How do you get a heavy ball in Pokemon Emerald?

Heavy balls are not available in pokemon emerald, but they are available in pokemon heartgold and soulsilver

What ball do you use to catch latias in Pokemon emerald?

a master ball!!!

Where is nest ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

somewhere in the game

Where do you buy a nest ball in Pokemon diamond?

A shop

How do you find a nest ball in Pokemon diamond?


How do you copy a master ball on Pokemon Emerald Version?

You can copy a master ball on Pokemon Emerald by having one of your friends that has one sign on to their ds and connect the two. Then they can give it to you in the Pokemon center.

Who gives you the dark ball in Pokemon emerald?

No one.

Where do you get a light ball on Pokemon Emerald?

Wild Pikachu have a small chance to be holding a light ball in Pokemon Emerald. You could try catching Pikachu until you get one.

What to do after you get the master ball in Pokemon emerald?

capture legendary Pokemon like rayquaza.