Where is maxie in emerald?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On the volcano.

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Q: Where is maxie in emerald?
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Where can you fight maxie and Archie in emerald?

Maxie= in jagged pass Archie= in mt. chimney and seafloor carvern

Do you face Archie and Maxie in emerald?

Yes you do fight them both but you fight maxie three times. not two like Archie

Where is team magmas leader?

Maxie will be in the tunnel in Mt Chimney for Emerald.

Where is Groudon after you defeat Maxie?

In emerald find out in ruby orgin cave.

What do you do in team magmas hideout in emerald?

You r suppose to find groudon and battle maxie

Who is Maxie in Emerald who wants battle you?

Maxie happens to be the leader of team magma, the one with thin and fit clothes.......... and Archie is the team leader of aqua......... Team aqua............

What do you do with magma emblem?

i don't know but i remember that you can access the Magma Cave/Hideout in order to battle Maxie / or even not. I think after you defeat Maxie, it is closed. But i Already Finished Pokemon Emerald..

Where do you find Archie and maxie on emerald?

i go and i see mt.pyre but i dont khow where i have to go and how i find red orb&blue orb. please help me with map in emerald

Where are Archie and maxie after they leave soottopolis city in Pokemon emerald?

They are at Mt. Pyre, where you will see them for the last time in the game.

Where would you find Archie and Maxie before you go into the cave of origins only in Pokemon emerald?

In front of the GYM.

Where would you find Archie and Maxie before you go into the cave of origins in Pokemon emerald?

it depends witch of the games you have in ruby theres team magma(maxie) and in Sapphire theres team aqua(Archie) and you will see sombody of them in mt chimney

How do you get the blue and red orbs in emerald?

do you need aorb in order to get grodon in emerald