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This is a question from Pokemon. It comes from PolkPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. To get a blossom for Bellossom, you need to go to flower zone behind the drifblim.

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Q: Where is flower bouquet in flower zone in Polk Park?
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Where is the bouquet in PokePark Wii?

In the flower zone go to the driblim stop then dash beyond him to find the bouquet.

What is the use of the bouquet in Pokepark?

When you find the Bouquet in the Flower Zone behind the Driftblim stop, give it to Bellossom and she will be your friend.

Where is the bounquet in PokePark Wii pikachus adventure?

The bouquet is located on the edge of the cliff behind the driftblimb stop in the flower zone (not meadow zone, the zone behind the granite zone).hope this helped :-)

Where is the bouquet in Pokepark?

In the Flower Zone, if you walk behind the Drifblim Post, towards the edge of the cliff (you won't fall off, don't worry,) you'll see a little white bundle. That is your bouquet. Best of luck. - Spiffi :3

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