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He will just pop up anytime in the battle zone, in front of the gate to Battle Park.

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Q: Where is your rival after the battle zone in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get to battle your rival on route 228 in Diamond and Pearl?

You will be able to battle your rival every Saturday on Route 228, (Battle Zone).

Where is the boss in battle tower in Pokemon pearl?

how do you get in the battle zone in Pokemon pearl is well you got to beat the elite 4 and beat the champion:Cynthia.and the game start in your room and your mom is saying about your rival going to Snowpoint city and u have to go there and your in the battle zone.WORKS FOR ME!

Can he battle your rival again after the battle tower?

In diamond and pearl he will battle you in the fight zone on certain days of the week, in platinum, he will be found in the survival area on certain days

Where is the battle zone you Pokemon pearl?

in the battle frontier you can only go there once you have defeated the elite 4. soree! =-)

What team does your rival have if you picked chimchar in Pokemon diamond?

It depends, at the end at the Battle Zone his pokemon are:Staraptor, Empoleon, Snorlax, Heracross, Rapidash and Roserade

Where is the battle zone in Pokemon platinum?

In Diamond and Pearl, it's called the Battle zone. In platinum, the battle frontier. First beat the Pokemon league. Then, back at home, (you will find out about a boat in snowpoint) go to snowpoint, and ride the ship.

How do you use wi-fi in Pokemon pearl?

Either go to the jubilife global trading centre, underneath a Pokemon centre or at the battle zone

Where can you find Mt Coronet in Pokemon pearl?

You can find mount cornet near the battle zone, after you deafeat the ellite four.

What can you do after yo beat the champion and finish the Sinnoh pokedex?

After Cyithia and Rowan put you in the Hall of Fame and the credits end you are at your house and Mum says your rival needs you in Snowpoint City. If you go there the rival takes you to the Battle Zone for the Battle Tower in Diamond and Pearl or the Battle Frontier in PLatinum BUT before you can enter you have a double battle with Flint and the Sunyshore leader. and if you unlock the rest of the island you can get Heatran and Pokemon like Pidgey(Kanto) and Sealeo(Hoenn).

How do you go to the battle tower in pokemon diamond?

After beating the elite four, go to snowpoint city, get on that cool ship with the drills on the front, and you will arive at the fight zone. You imediatly meet up with Your rival and battle the sunnyshore city gym leader along with the elite four's very own flint. you have a tough double battle, at the end of which you meet your rival's father. You talk and then your rival abandons you to go into the fight zone. The battle tower is inside at the back.

Where do you get an exeggute in Pokemon pearl?

its in the safari zone

How do you get past the guys blocking the way in the fight area in Pokemon pearl?

Finish your pokedex.then go to prof. rowan and talk to him.Then prof oak will walk in and give you a national pokedex.Go back to the battle zone and they will be gone.BEWARE:people who want to battle you past the battle zone will have lv.50-52 pokemon.