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In the Safari zone, after getting National Dex. In the Flower Bed Area, with 10 forest blocks and 14 Rocky blocks in place. Then you wait 70 or more days.

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Q: Pokemon HeartGold where to find riolu?
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How you can find riolu on Pokemon HeartGold?

route 28 at 5:00 it sould be a man u battle then he will run away and riolu

How do you catch riolu in Pokemon HeartGold?

yes u can get riolu in Pokemon heart gold and soul silver you catch him or her in the safari zone and you can catch lucario in the safari zone two.

What Pokemon is number 115 in Pokemon Diamond?

kangaskhan a good website to find out about Pokemon is ^ copy and paste it to the address unless it has a hyperlink in normal dex its riolu

How do you get riolu in Pokemon HeartGold?

trade from diamond pearl or platinum other than that just use cheats

Do you find Riolu in a cave on Pokemon diamond?

no but you get the riolu egg in iron island

What Pokemon eggs do you find in Pokemon Diamond?

happiny and riolu

What Pokemon can you find in challengers cave?


Where can you find riolu in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in the wild

Where do you find a wild riolu in emerald?

sorry, you can't get riolu in Pokemon emerald version.

Where do you find Riolu Pokemon Diamond?

A Riolu egg can be obtained from Reiley within the Iron Island

Where do you find a riolu in Pokemon Vortex?

In the grass area

Can an riolu evolve on HeartGold?

Riolu doesn't evolve until it has max frienship with its trainer.