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there is no fire island on platinum there is full moon island and crsent moon island (were you catch cresilia and darkria) and iron island that is it

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Q: Where is fire island in Pokemon platinum?
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How many fire attacks are in Pokemon platinum?

There are 18 Fire Attacks in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

Were do you get protecter in Pokemon platinum?

on iron island in platinum

How do you get to fire island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get to Fire Island on Pokemon LeafGreen. Fire Island is a setting exclusive to the second Pokemon movie, Pokemon the Movie 2000.

Were is heartren in Pokemon platinum?

at iron island

Where do you get a protetor on Pokemon platinum?

you can get it on iron island

Where to get the magnet in Pokemon platinum?

Iron Island

What are all the fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

With something called CHEATS.

How get Deoxys in Pokemon Platinum?

migrate it from Pokemon fire red version

How do you battle a trainer that has a snowrunt in Pokemon platinum?

use a fire Pokemon

What is a good Pokemon to catch on Pokemon Platinum?

giratina (even better in origin forme) Heatran (great fire moves) Lucario (get egg from iron island that has riolu, then evolve)

How do you get to mew island on Pokemon platinum?

mew island doesnt exist

How can you get to birth island in Pokemon platinum?

i have beaten the game, and there is no birth island.