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the elder is in the biggest house.

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Q: Where is celestic towns elder after you beat the elite four?
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Where can you get surf in platinum?

you get it from the Celestic Town elder after you beat Cyrus

How do you get Dialga and Palkia on platnium?

After you beat the elite 4, go to celestic town and talk to the elder. Bring both the adamant and lustrous orbs to spear pillar.Plz send feedback!

Where is Cynthia's grandmother after you beat the elite 4 and Cynthia?

Celestic town

How do you get to Fantina's Gym in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to celestic town and talk to the elder,and beat that dumb grunt,then go there and she should be there

In Pokemon platinum after you beat the champion dawn says that there's a girl that said i have something to tell here where is she?

Shes talking about the elder in Celestic town. An old woman in the house in the north Celestic town.

When can you get Palkia and Dialga in platinum?

Beat the elite 4, then you obtain the two fancy orbs from mt coronet, adamant for dialga and lustrous for palkia, go speak to the celestic towns elder. Then return to the spear pillar and you should see a blue portal

Where do you find Dialga in platinum?

beat the elite four go to the elder lady in the celestic town then got to mt cornet and the the 2 orbs then go to sky pillar then dialga will be there bring lots of ultra balls then catch him he will be at lvel 70. then exit a nd reenter and palkia will be there and he to will be at level 70.

How do you open the shrine in Celestic town in Pokemon Platinum?

Beat the elite 4 and give the ruby and sapphire to the guy on island 1

Pokemon Diamond where is Palkia?

Palkia cannot be found in Pokemon diamond, but after you beat the elete four if you go to celestic town the elder will show you a picture of palkia and you will have "seen" it.

In Pokemon platinum before you beat the elite 4 what rare Pokemon are between route 210 and celestic town?

I don't know, now buzz off!

Can you get a legendary before you beat the elite four?

You can't get the national pokedex before facing the elite four as the elite four has Pokemon that you need to fill your pokedex that you can only get by winning against the elite four. Also, depending on if you are playing Diamond or Pearl the only way you can see Dialga or Palkia after catching the one for your game (at the spear pillar)is from the book that the elder shows you in Celestic town after you defeat the elite four.

Why is it that after you beat the elite four and you go to mtcoronet you have the orbs why arent dialga and palkia there they dont show up?

Have you spoken with the old lady in the large house in celestic town yet? that acticates the event.