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there is a cool girl trainer in victory road who has one

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Q: Where is a trainer with an ambipom in Pokemon platinum?
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Is there a trainer with ambipom in Pokemon platinum?


What trainer has an Ambpom in Pokemon Platinum?

there is a clown in one of the poke centers with ambipom

In Pokemon Platinum what trainer has an ambipom?

an ace trainer on route 216 or a clown in a Pokemon center.Goood luck!

What trainer has ambipom in Pokemon Platinum?

At route 216 just by the exit of mount cornet there is an ace trainer who used an ambipom. Also, if you haven't found a Porygon-2 yet, he uses one of them too

Where can you find a clown with a ambipom in Pokemon platinum?

There is a Trainer on Route 216 that has one, but I'm not sure if its a clown though.

What is Pokemon 064 in Pokemon Platinum?


What trainer has ambipom in platinum?

a clown east of eterna city.

Where is Ambipom in Pokemon Platinum?

You Can't See Ambipom,If You Want To See A Ambipom,Just Evolve Aipom.

Which trainer has an ambipom in Pokemon platinumm?

the snow part

What trainer has ambipom?

in platinum a clown in celestic town poke center has one

How do you battle a trainer with ambipom on Pokemon platnium?

yes, on the snowy route

What trainer has Ambipom on Pokemon Platinum?

An ace trainer on route 216 has an ambipom The trainers name is blake, he is the first trainer you will come across as you enter the route, if you head straight ahead he can be found facing away from the north wall so you have to pass his line of sight to advance without going to the upper level. He is armed with two pokemon: a level 39 ambipom and a level 40 porygon2 so be armed with fighting moves if you are of a similar level.