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there is a clown in one of the poke centers with ambipom

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Q: What trainer has an Ambpom in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

What trainer has kingdra in Pokemon Platinum?

no one no trainer has a kingdra in Pokemon platinum exept for me :P

What trainer has a cleffa in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer on Route 209 has Cleffa in Pokemon Platinum. Cleffa is a fairy type Pokemon and can evolve into Clefairy.

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What trainer in Pokemon platinum has a Persian?

)=)=)=) ==

In Pokemon platinum where is there a trainer that has a seaking?

A Trainer on route 220

Which trainer has a vulpix in Pokemon platinum?

the trainer by that place, you know ? :)

Is there a Pokemon trainer with Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?


Where is a Pokemon trainer that has carnivine in Pokemon Platinum?

no trainer has it try finding it in safari zone

Where do you find a trainer who has a glacion in Pokemon platinum?

Where do you find a trainer who has a glacion in pokemon platnum?