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i need a chariter roster and play other cariters on my roster with a lot of chariters

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Q: How do you make a mugen character roster?
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Where do you find mugen rosters?

Try checking out and search "MUGEN Roster Download".

How do you get amalgam comic char to mugen?

To get an amalgam comic character into MUGEN, you would first need to create or download a compatible character file in the appropriate format (usually .def and .sff files). Once you have the necessary files, you can then add the character to the MUGEN roster by editing the select.def file and adding the character's information. Finally, place the character files in the correct directories within the MUGEN system folders to make the character playable.

Where to download dbz roster 2009 mugen?

hey if you see i have downloaded dbz mugen roster 2009 for free if you want so go and download for free thanks for asking

How do you create a mugen character?

To create a mugen character you need to use software such as Fighter Factory Classic. Follow the instructions that come with the software to create your special character.

Is Espeon there a mugen character?


Supergirl mugen character?


Is there a Bruce Lee character in Mugen?

yes there are several bruce lee type characters for mugen.

How can you add characters on win mugen?

you have to download a game then take the character data in win mugen

Is there a breloom character for mugen?

It is still W.I.P.

How do you do rasengan in MUGEN?

You need a character that can do it ditz.

How do you make mugen work?

mugen does not work anymore

Where can you get madara Uchiha character for mugen?

type SHMadara`O and download character