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This is what you do to catch the Pokemon Thunderus:

Once you have beaten the last gym, head up to the gate north of Opelucid City. The man behind the counter will stop you and tell you about a mysterious storm on route seven. Head to route seven.

You will pass a house, and an old lady will come out and tell you that you shouldn't be out in the storm, then bring you into her house for "yummy" soup. After that, leave the house, and head right. You will be stopped by Thunderus, you cannot battle it, until later. You will, however, have it in your pokedex.

Thunderus will show up on route 7 to route 13 in the evenings. TO FIND OUT WHERE THUNDERUS IS, GO TO ANY GATE TO ANY CITY, AND READ THE MOVING LETTERS. THEY SHOULD SAY: ROUTE (): A VERY UNUSUAL THUNDERSTORM IS HAPPENING. Go to that route, an run around the grass, you can use a Max Repel, they don't repel Thunderus, and when you see the level 40 Pokemon, use a weak attack, and track it down again and again.

(OPTIONAL) Save and exit the game, then change the current time to 16:00. (unless it's already 16:00 or later) Then, go to the guard building between Castelia City and route 4, then run back and forth from the guard building to route 4 multiple times in the grass. It's still VERY hard to catch Thunderus, so try your best, and don't worry if you don't catch it or it faints. Just go to the GTS and trade someone or borrow it from a friend. THUNDERUS CAN RUN AWAY DURING BATTLE!


1: Get a Watchog and raise it to level 41, that way it will be faster than Thunderus, and it will know Mean Look and Hypnosis. Use Mean Look to keep Thunderus from running away, then put it to sleep so it can't attack.

2: If you have a Raiku from the event, use that Pokemon, it's fast, it has good moves, and is a good level!

3: Try not to use things like potions, X whatevers, and other things. If you do, Thunderus will run away right after, and you'll have to find it all over again. Like Cheren says: "What a bother!"

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Q: Where is Thundurus in white version?
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How do you find thundurus in Pokemon black?

Thundurus is version exclusive to Pokemon White, you'll have to trade.

Where do you find thundurus in pokemon black?

You can't find thundurus in the wild in black. You need to trade one over from white version or GTS.

How come in Pokemon black version i haven't seen a thunderous at all?

Thundurus is exclusive to White version while Tornadus is exclusive to Black.

What legendaries are avalible in pokemon white version?

Zekrom Thundurus Landurus (requires Tornadus) Victini (event) Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Kyurem Keldeo (unreleased) Meloetta (unreleased) Genesect (unreleased) Zekrom and Thundurus are exclusive to White. Reshiram and Tornadus are exclusive to Pokemon Black Version.

Where do you find landous on white version?

he will appear in the abundant shrine. you would need to have tornadus and thundurus in your party for landorus to appear though.

How do you get Pokemon 151 on black and white?

Black and White Pokemon No. 151: Landorus How to get: You must have both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party, then go to the Abundant Shrine (on route 14.) Please remember: Tornadus can only be caught on Pokemon Black, and Thundurus can only be caught on Pokemon White, so you'll need to trade with a buddy who has the opposite version so you'll have both. Or if you have pokemon black & white you can get thundurus and tornadus.

How much speed does Thundurus have in Pokemon white?

Thundurus has a 111 speed base stat.

What do you need yo do to unlock the legendary pokemon landoras in pokemon white version?

To get landorus you must have Tornadus (From Black) and Thundurus (From White) in your party and go to the Abundant Shrine where all the people are (or were).

Where to find thundurous on white 2?

Thundurus cannot be in found in Pokémon White 2. However there are 2 ways to putting Thundurus in White 2, 1 of which is by arranging a trade for a Thundurus with another player and the other option is to use the Nintendo 3DS eShop application called Dream Radar in order to capture Thundurus and then you can use the Dream Radar to send the captured Thundurus over to your Black 2 or White 2 game.

Are there any roming Pokemon in Pokemon White?


What Pokémon can you not get in Pokémon black?

Pokemon in the new generation that are exclusive to White version include Petlil, Lilligant, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Rufflet, Braviary, Thundurus, and Zekrom.

Where do you find thundurus?

Pokemon Black- Trade from White. Pokemon White- Thundurus roams Unova. After getting 8 badges, go to route 10, go into a house, leave, meet Thundurus and he'll fly off and start roaming Unova.