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Into the "Not Suspicious. No need to worry" Department store nearby in Mahogany City (PS. Lance is the Champion so don't worry when Team Rocket makes you battle cause he joins you!)

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Q: Where does lance go after you talk with him at the lake of rage?
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Where did lance go after the lake of rage?

lance goes to the souviner shop in mahogany

How do you get to blackthorncity in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you go to the lake of rage and talk to lance then go to the scientist in mahogany town then do the base thing then the dude will let you past

How do you battle the 7th gym on heartgold?

Get through the Pokemon hideout in Mahogany Town.If you can't, go to the lake of rage and talk to the guy with a dragonite.u have to go to lake of rage, meet lance, go back to mahogany town go to the house with the tree to the right go in Lance is there then beat team rocket and voila u can go to the gym and battle pryce

Where is pryce in pokemon heartgold?

first you go to lake of rage and catch or defeat the red gyarados and talk to lance at the shore then you go to the house with a tree beside it finish what you have to do there and then go to the gym

Where is the 7 gym leader in soulsliver?

mahogany town but you have to go to lake of rage and fight the red gyarados and talk to lance (the guy in the blakc cape with a dragonite) near the lake after fighting the gyrados.

Were do you go to get the lance and red gyaradoes on heartgold?

you go to the lake of rage surf on the water catch or kill the red gyardos than lance will appear.

How do you get into team rockets hideout in Pokemon Silver?

You have to go to the Lake of Rage and either KO or catch the red Gyrados and talk to Lance (the guy with the red hair). Then go down to Mahogany Town and enter the house which acted as a pokemart and talk to lance. He will reveal that the entrance to the hideout was right in the store.

How do you beat team rocket a lake of rage Pokemon heart gold?

First, go to the Lake of Rage and talk to the orange-haired fellow standing next to the "Lake of Rage" sign. This is Lance, and he will guide you through the mission. Then go into the shop with the two suspicious looking characters (next to the tree with the antenna). Lance will open up the secret passage, and you will be in the secret base. From there, simply progress through the base by defeating all of the team Rocket Members and you will eventually reach the final battle where you and Lance will fight side by side. After winning this, you will have defeated Team Rocket.

What need to do after you have gone to lake of rage?

catch gyarados,talk to lance then go to the mart and beat team rocket then beat price the gym leader of mahogany who has honed the ice type.

In Pokemon HeartGold where to find Lance?

You first find lance after beating the Red Gyarados, then you meet him in the souvenir shop, and battle team rocket with him. You will also see him again as Pokemon League Champ.lance is the johto champion so you could find him after you beat the elite fourAt the lake of rage in mahoganyIf you have not met him yet, Lance is at the Lake of Rage. Once you defeat the Red Gyarados, he will be reading a sign. Go and talk to him to continue the game.

How do you move the guy in front of the 8th gym in crystal?

you have to go to the lake of rage and battle the red gyrados, then talk to lance the dragon master, and he will talk about the radio signal, you have to go to the hous above the gym and go downstairs and take care of all that. then you can battle the gym

Pokemon soulsilver how do you get the guy to move at mahogany town?

you have to beat the towns gym leader. first go to lake rage and see the red gyrados then talk to dragon tamer lance and youll be on the right track