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shes with alder at the bell

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Q: Where does Cynthia go after you defeat her in Pokemon black?
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Where do you get metal coat Pokemon crater?

its very hard to get it. go and defeat Cynthia the champion of sinnoh

What do you do after you defeat elesa in black?

Go to Route 5 after you defeat Elesa in Pokemon Black Version.

How can you go to route 11 in black?

You can't go to Route 11 unless you first defeat the Pokemon League in Pokemon Black.

What do you do after you have beaten the league in Pokemon black?

go to undella and fight Cynthia or finish the pokedex

What do you do after you catch the rare Pokemon and defeat the elite four?

After the elite 4 (in Pearl Diamond or Platinum) you need to go into the big room and find Cynthia and defeat her and go to professeur and get the national if you have seen all the Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

Where does N go after you defeat him in Pokemon black?

You can't find him anywhere after the end

What to do after you defeat the team galactic boss on Pokemon platinum?

After you defeat Cyrus, the boss of Team Galactic, Cynthia will heal your Pokemon. After this you must go ahead. This is straight - forward, so you won't have a problem. You will see floating platforms. Move forward by jumping on them. You will see Giratina flying in its Origin Form. I recommend that yousave your game now. Then, go to Giratina and press 'A'. Defeat or catch Giratina.Now go outside the Distortion Worldwith Cynthia.

What do you do when you go in the Dragonspial tower in Pokemon black?

after you defeat the ice tipe gym leader

How do you defeat chili in Pokemon black?

go to the pokemon dream yard then go all the way to the end you will find a woman and she will give you a panpour

How do you go up on dragonspiral tower on Pokemon Black and White?

defeat the 7th gym leader

How do you get to twist mountain in Pokemon black?

defeat the gym leader in the city it is in then you can go to in it should be the city After driftvil

How do you get Dialga on Pokemon?

You can get him when you got to the spear pillar. to get there, go to the bottom of mt coronet and start your journey there. if you have pearl, you have to defeat Cynthia and return to the spear pillar. it'll show up.