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After you defeat Cyrus, the boss of Team Galactic, Cynthia will heal your Pokemon. After this you must go ahead. This is straight - forward, so you won't have a problem. You will see floating platforms. Move forward by jumping on them. You will see Giratina flying in its Origin Form. I recommend that yousave your game now. Then, go to Giratina and press 'A'. Defeat or catch Giratina.Now go outside the Distortion Worldwith Cynthia.

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Q: What to do after you defeat the team galactic boss on Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you find master balls on Pokemon platinum?

You can get only one. Galactic Boss Cyrus will give you one when you defeat him at Galactic base.

How do you get a masterball in platinum after team galactic' boss' one?

After you defeat Cyrus at the Veilstone Galactic building and he will give it to you

How do you get a master ball in platinum?

defeat team galactic boss and he will give you 1master ball

How do you get the master ball in Pokemon pearl?

You have to defeat the Galactic Grunts' boss, Cyrus.

Where can you find a master ball in Pokemon platinum?

Defeat Team Galactic Boss Cyrus, and he gives u a master ball. then he will tell you where the Legendary Pokemon are. Follow his direction...and use your wise to use masterball

Where to find a up grade in Pokemon platinum?

galactic eterna building, where u fight the boss

How do you beat the team galactic boss the 3rd time on platinum?

You attack his Pokemon until they are unconscious.

How do you get to sunnyshore on Pokemon Platinum?

After you beat team galactic's boss and catch/defeat giratina in the distortion world you will be able to get to sunnyshore city and after you beat the gym leader continue to the elite four.

Where do you get master ball in Pokemon diamond for ds?

You get it from Galactic Boss Cyrus after you defeat him in Veilstone city

How do you get the door that is blocking the way open at mountain corent in Pokemon diamond?

defeat team galactic boss at the team galactic veilstone building.

Which Pokemon should you use against galactic boss Cyrus in the destoration world for Pokemon platinum ds?

Any Pokemon could effective against the freakin boss Cyruss haha!!! lol

How do you win the galactic boss in Pokemon platinum version?

if you want 2 beat the boss train your Pokemon to a level at least 3 lvs higher than his Pokemon but if you want to be him i would think you will need a cheat cartridge.