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You have to beat Team Galactic in Veilstone City ( in the Galactic HQ)

You will run into lots of Galactic grunts and in the end you will verse Cyrus the Galactic boss. After that you will free the 3 legendary pokemon Uxie,Azelf and Mesprit. Finally you must beat Commander Saturn at the end of he Galactic HQ. Once you make your way to Spear Pillar the cave painting will be shattered in pieces and there will be another cave entrance where the painting was. Hope this helped.

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Q: How do you break the painting on your way to spear pillar in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you break the ancient painting in Pokemon Pearl?

A person comes to the ancient painting with a hammer and smashes it.

What does mass out break mean on Pokemon platinum?

A Mass Outbreak of pokemon i think... I haven't played in a while

How do you break the meteor rocks in Pokemon platinum?

cheesy cheese pufs smell cheese

What is a action replay in Pokemon Platinum?

they break the action replay so u can use it on diamond and pearl but if u put it on platinum it will break and wont work on anything....SO DONT USE ACTION REPLAY ON PLATINUM

Did pillar break up?

No, they did not break up. Now that the singer's son is born Pillar will be touring again.

What do you do when you get to the cave painting in Mt. Cornet in Pokemon Platinum?

The leader of team galactic should break through it and the looker will talk to you and then you go through the entrance and you go outside and battle Cyrus with your rival and then dialga palkia and giratina appear and you go into the distortion world.

Pokemon platinum where can you find geodude to break the rocks?

you can find him along with zubat in any cave.then teach him/her rock smash

How do you break spear pillar?

Why the hell would you want to break it and you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can any Pokemon together break the wall in the ruins in Pokemon platinum?

Platnium isn't out here yet but unless Nintendo made a new HM then I would say: NO!!

When does the officer take a break in Pokemon platinum?

Police officers are ready to battle at night. The officer who guards the statue in Backlot's Mansion takes a break between 2 and 3 AM.

How do you use rock smash in Pokemon platinum?

Defeat the first Gym Leader.The Gym Leader is going to give you the Rock Smash attack. Teach a Pokemon the attack. Then you can break cracked rocks.

What kind of move do you use if there is a painting blocking a cave f a game of Pokemon?

If you are talking about the cave painting in Mt. Coronet, you cannot break it down. Team Galactic will take care of that after you defeat them in their HQ: Veilstone City.