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Among other things, it is one alternative to access the corresponding runecrafting altar. It can also be used as a weapon.

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Q: Where do you the tailsman staff in runescape?
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Are air runecrafting staffs members in runescape?

Nope, f2p can get certain runecrafting staves too. You just need to get a tailsman staff, a air tailsman and most importantly, at least 50 Runecrafting to get the air runecrafting staff.

RuneScape what do tailsman do?

Tailsmans enable you to enter a certain altar, according to what tailsman you have. Eg. Air tailsman lets you enter the air altar. Tailsman can also be bind into a tiara to create a certain tiara Eg. Water tailsman can be bind with a tiara to make water tiara.

Find a air tailsman in runescape?

You get one from the "Rune Mysteries" quest as a reward.

What monsters give mind talisman in runescape?

Once I killed an imp and it droped a mind tailsman.

Ancient staff on RuneScape cost?

an Ancient Staff on RuneScape costs 417k as of September.

How do you put a talisman onto a staff in runescape?

Enchant the talisman first and then put it on a staff.

Do you have to be a member to get Staff of Iban in Runescape?

Yes the Staff of Iban is a members only item.

What staff on runescape gives you infinity air runes and fire runes?

There is no staff like this.

How can you message to RuneScape staff?

Go to forums on the runescape website and find the forum contact us.

On runescape can you do ancient magic without staff?

No, you need the staff and the list of spells, unless the changed it

How could you use a staff not wielding it on runescape?

Impossible, you would have to wield the staff to gain it's effects.

What items are needed to make a omni staff in runescape?

Omni Staff AND Talisman Stick from Rc Guild.