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Magmar learns thunderpunch by egg move.

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Q: Where do you teach magmar thunderpunch in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where is the thunderpunch tutor in Pokemon Emerald?

At the Battle Fronitier a house with 2 old ladies. One of them should teach you thunderpunch for the right amount of Battle Points.

How do you make Typhlosion learn ThunderPunch on Pokemon SoulSilver?

If you have 64 bp then go to the Frontier Access and enter the house and talk to the first guy and he'll teach your Typhlosion thunderpunch

Where is the move tutor that teaches your Pokemon thunderpunch in soulsilver?

Go to the frontier access and you'll see a house. Inside the house, there will be three men, and they'll teach your Pokemon moves for BP (the first guy teaches thunderpunch, icepunch, and firepunch)

How do you teach metagross thunderpunch?

The only way to teach metagross thunderpunch is through a emerald move tutor. The only way in pearl is to migrate one that learned thunderpunch through the move tutors in Emerald.

Where do you teach Pokemon dynamic punch in platinum?

There are move tutors in certain versions that will teach Pokemon Thunder Punch.

Can two Pokemon learn surf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Surf is a HM so you can teach it to multiple pokemon.

What goodstrong move can you teach your Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

hyper beam

How can you teach a Charizard Air Slash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes but you have to get the TM first

Can you unlearn TM moves in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes,let the Pokemon you want to lean a move and teach it

What level does flareon learn flamethower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can teach flamethrower to flareon by using the TM.

How do you teach nidoking the move thrash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nidoking learns Thrash at level 22.

How do you get the TM hydrocannon?

Actually it's not a TM. You have to get a move tutor in FireRed or LeafGreen to teach it to a Pokemon.