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First go to Keeper's Dome in 2300 AD (where you found the Epoch). Talk to the Guru Belthasar. He will tell you that the power on Death Peak (next door) can revive Crono, but a doppel doll will be necessary to do so. Return to 1000 AD and head to the Millennium Fair. Save before you enter.

Go to the right-hand side of the first level of the Fair and enter the tent of Norstein Bekkler (house of horrors guy). If you have 40 Silver Points, he will challenge you to a game. The longer you stay in the game, the lower he will charge for the doppelganger. Once you have purchased it (if you fail just reset) return to the Keeper's Dome. Belthasar will release three dolls to guide you before asking you to shut him down. Having done so, head to Death Peak. Observe the winds. When the wind is weaker, rush to the nearest tree and hide behind it. Stay in place with Up + B. When the wind has died down again, rush to the next tree. Repeat et al. When finally past that annoying bit, the path is fairly linear. Defeat all in your path. When fighting the Lavos Spawn, attack the head, not the shell. Eventually, you will ascend to the peak. There will be a scene and Crono will be revived.

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Q: Where do you revive Crono on Chrono trigger on DS?
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