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Q: Where do you put sonic adventure dx save files?
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How do you put 2 chao files on one memory card on sonic adventure 2 battle?

You can't do that unless you have another memory card.

In sonic adventure 2 battle what chaos do you need to get a gold chao?

Gold chao can only be found in sonic advance for the gameboy advance. Then you put it on sonic adventure battle

Where do you put codes for sonic adventure 2 battle?

Action replay

Can you trade chao from sonic adventure to sonic adventure 2 battle?

If you have a gameboy advance and a link to the gamecube and the gba then you could send chao into tiny chao garden in sonic advance and then put them back in the other game. It works!

Where do the files do when you put them on your lg ks360 using your laptop?

well you pick the files you want to save it in then you got to where your save it on the lg and it will be there

How can you unlock 2 player on sonic adventure 2?

you dont it comes with it you just have to put two controlers in to use it

How do you make a program with bat files?

In notepad put your code and save it as a .bat

How do you view the file names of the video driver files?

you put page and save as

How do you play sonic fgx with a save file?

It saves automatically.

How do you make sonic battles 2 work on wii?

There is no such game as Sonic Battles 2. However if you are talking about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, the game's CD is inserted in the same place as the Wii games. But you need a Gamecube controller to play it, and a memory card to save. If you have your Wii set up vertically, the plugs to put both these items are at the top of the Wii under the lids.

What folder on a computer do you save bitmap files?

You can save any file to anywhere you like on your computer, just remember where you put it.

How do you put the last piece of the earth back in sonic unleashed?

i dont know you porobloay got to save it.