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you dont it comes with it you just have to put two controlers in to use it

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Q: How can you unlock 2 player on sonic adventure 2?
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What sonic games is Amy rose playable?

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle(she is very hard 2 unlock get all rank A's with sonic!)Sonic Adventure DX,Sonic Advance 1 2 and 3(in 1 of them you have 2 unlock her).Sonic Riders.

How do you unlock Amy in Sonic Adventure 2 battle in player 2 battle?

Amy is already unlocked, just choose to play as her

How do you be super sonic and hyper shadow in sonic adventure battle 2?

unlock him by shagging the boss

How you unlock mini games for the Game Boy Advance in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

There are no minigames for the GBA that you can unlock in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. You can unlock the boss battles and racing minigames, but they are played on the GC like the rest of the game.

How do you unlock sonic adventure battle 2 on sonic mega collection gamecube?

Actually, you can't...... You just.... can't... If you want to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you'll have to buy the game Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Not trying to sound stupid by the way.)

How do you be metal sonic?

u can be him in 2 player in sonic adventure 2 battle

How do you get Super Sonic in 2 player for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

you cant

How do you unlock 2 player Battle in Sonic Adventure 2?

Its already available. To get each mode play through adventure mode and make sure you also set up your chao garden.

How do you unlock a pupple egg on sonic adventure 2 battle?

Collect emblems

How do you unlock hell on sonic adventure battle 2?

after beating the game 1000times

How do you unlock Amy in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Keep earning emblems (80 I think...). Also, she is only available for two player mode, not the single player.

How do you unlock Tikal in sonic adventure 2?

You don't, but in SA2:B she is a 2p charactor.