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the game ends

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Q: Where do you go after you have talked to buck's grandpa on Pokemon diamond?
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What is bucks Pokemon deck on Pokemon Diamond?

He just has a Claydol but on Pokemon Platinum he has a full team and you can battle him in the battleground

How do you get to bucks house in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You go to the Survival Area and his house is on the left of the Pokemon center

Where can you find a cheap Pokemon Diamond game?

game stop used for 30 bucks

How much is pokemon diamond at game stop?

I got my Pokemon pearl at gamestop for about 30 bucks, but it could have raised or lowered since I bought my game...

How do you get to Bucks house in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

Buck's house is the one to the left of the poke center in the survival area.

How much is Pokemon diamond worth?

im not comepletely sure but probly at least 60 bucks

Were do you get get Pokemon action replay?

gamestop - 25 bucks walmart - 20 bucks

Who said the following line from Pretty Woman- Fifty bucks Grandpa For seventy-five the wife can watch?


How do you get manaphy on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to import this egg from Pokemon ranger the web site has more information and has a code you use but you can not get it in emerald only Diamond or peral so if you want a Kawii prince of the sea I would recommend to buy and two DS/DS lite one for diamond/peral and one for Pokemon ranger Pokemon Diamond/peral to get him. or just ask a friend if u could borrow their ds for one of them... dude u don need to spend 350 bucks to get a manaphy. if u have a ds and pearl/diamond great, if not, cheat

Is virizion the Pokemon card 200 bucks?


What is the Pokemon saws bucks health?

it varies by level

How much will you get for Pokemon platinum?

About 30-20 Bucks.