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go north and you'll have to go across the sea and you will also have to go through a cav and then up a waterfall and the elite four building will be their

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Q: Where do you go after you beat the sunyshore city gym leader on diamond?
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In Pokemon Diamond version how do you beat the gym leader in Sunyshore city?

use ground type

Where is the eighth gym leader in diamond?

In sunyshore city

How do you beat the gym leader in sunyshore city in Pokemon platinum?

you must talk to him in the lighthouse, in sunyshore then you can go in

What do you do after you beat gym leader misty?

You try to go to sunyshore city

What do you do after beating Dialga?

you go to sunyshore city and beat that gym leader

How you get waterfall in Pokemon diamond in ds?

In sunyshore city talk to the girl on the beach she will tell you to beat the gym leader, do it, then talk to her again and she will give it to you! Easy as that!

When will the blackout end in Sunyshore City diamond?

after you beat Cyrusin the distortion world

Were do you go when you have beat team galactic on Pokemon diamond?

Sunyshore city. Beat volkner and go and beat the E4!

In Pokemon platinum what do you do after you beat the team galactic HQ?

you go to sunyshore city and beat the gym leader

How do you unlock sunyshore city in Pokemon pearl?

To unlock Sunyshore City in Pokémon Pearl and Diamond you have to beat Team Galactic. They can be found at Mt. Coronet.

How do you find the sunyshore city gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

you need to cacth dialga first

When can you get to Sunyshore city in diamond?

At first go to the top of m.t.coronet,beat team galactic and cath dialga/palkia.Then your path is clear to go to sunyshore.