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the answer is no!. in Pokemon ruby they swaped the vs seeker for the pokenav trainers eyes after beating petalburg gym look on trainers eyes on your pokenav and if they have a pokeball symbol next to their name that means they want to battle it will give the trainers location and what they look like

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Q: Where do you get the vs seeker on Pokemon Ruby?
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Where do you find the VS seeker in Pokemon ruby?

There is no VS seeker in Ruby. You have a Trainer's Eye instead. VS seeker was introduced in Fire Red.

Where is vs seeker in Pokemon ruby?

To get the vs seeker you have to beat the battle tower atleast 40 times in order to recive the \/s seeker..... GL!! :D

Where do you obtain the vs seeker in Pokemon ruby?

There is no vs seeker in ruby, use your pokenav to check trainers eyes this page will show pokeballs near trainers that want to rematch you talk to those trainers to rematch them.

Where to Get VS Seeker in Pokemon Crystal?

There is np VS. Seeker in Pokemon Crystal.

Can you get a vs seeker in Pokemon White?

No, there is no VS Seeker in Pokemon Black and White.

Where is the vs seeker in Pokemon Yellow version i need it badly?

there is no vs. seeker in the originals there is no vs. seeker in the originals

Is there a way to earn money in Pokemon Yellow without the Vs Seeker?

there's no vs seeker in Pokemon yellow that's in fire red & leaf green that has the vs seeker..veronica

Where can you get a vs seeker in Pokemon Emerald?

you get it in Vermillion City's Pokemon Center. The girl wit the blue hair has it, okay?The girl with the blue hair in the Pokemon Center wiht the blue hair at Vermillion City gives you one.Go to Vermillion City .... In the pokemon centre there will be a woman standing next to the counter (next to where you would stand if you were to heal your pokemon) Talk to her and she'll give you the VS Seeker Hope i helped

Where do you find a vs seeker in emerald?

There is no vs. seeker on sapphire pokemon. there is something on the pokenav called trainers eyes. trainers eyes = vs. seeker

Is there a VS. Seeker in Pokemon Y?

NO only vs recorder

How do you get a Vs seeker in Pokemon FireRed version?

Go into the vermillion city Pokemon center and talk to the girl near the nurse that heals your Pokemon she will give you the vs seeker.

Where is the versus seeker in Pokemon Black?

Sadly, there is no vs. seeker in black and white.