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First,breed one Pokemon then exit the day care center go in again .=A man should be inside talk to him then he will give the breeding app.=

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Q: Where do you get the breeding app on Pokemon Diamond?
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In Pokemon Diamond how do you duplicat Pokemon?


What is breeding in Pokemon Diamond?

If you put a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon in the Day Care in Solaceon Town, they will eventually have an egg. That is breeding in Pokemon Diamond+Pearl.

Can you get Dialga in Pokemon Diamond with breeding?

No, you cannot get Dialga via breeding in Pokémon Diamond.

Is there any way to combine Pokemon on Pokemon diamond by breeding?


Where is the Pokemon app company on Pokemon diamond version?

In jubilife city.

Where is the Pokemon calculator in Pokemon diamond?

on the touch screen after you receive the app.

Is there a trainer that has the Pokemon wynaut on Pokemon diamond version?

no only by breeding wobbufet

Pokemon diamond poketch app that counts?

you come with it!

How do you get a growlithe egg in Pokemon diamond?

By breeding Arcanine and Houndour.

Where to get phinone in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, the Pokemon called Phione is only obtainable by breeding the Pokemon called Manaphy. Manaphy must be obtained in another game, Pokemon Ranger, and then transferred into Pokemon Diamond.

What does the daycare app do when you tap it in Pokemon diamond?

It makes the Pokemon you tap 'cry'.

Where do you get app 10 in Pokemon diamond?

you get it from a person in Solacean town.