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It makes the Pokemon you tap 'cry'.

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Q: What does the daycare app do when you tap it in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you use the love poketch application in Pokemon diamond?

Tap the pokemon.

In Pokemon platinum how do you know if an egg is laid at the daycare center on a poketch?

Refresh it (tap it) and you see an egg if so.

In Pokemon Diamond what happens when all 8 badges are shined?

Nothing, if you tap them they make a sound.

What is the app called that you create your own tap tap?

tap studio 3..... download FREE on app store!

Where can you look at a Pokémon's happiness?

For Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, once you receive the Friendship Checker App, you can check how close your Pokemon are to you. Or, also known as how happy they are. The app can be received in the Pokemon Center in Eterna City by speaking to a woman on the left of Nurse Joy. The Friendship Checker App is the sixth app in the Poketch. By touching a Pokemon, you will see either none, one, or two hearts. This tells you how friendly that Pokemon is to you. If you tap the screen twice, all the Pokemon will jump. If a Pokemon runs away from the stylus when you try to touch the Pokemon, it means that that Pokemon isn't very friendly with you and isn't fully bonded with you yet. If two large hearts appear when you touch a Pokemon, it means that that Pokemon is already at the max level of bond between it and the trainer; which would be you.

What happens if you tap on an iPad app too much?

The first tap on the app icon will open the app. It will not continue to open multiple copies of the app.

What is the best tap tap app for your itouch?

Tap Tap Revenge 3.

How do you find the Suite Key on Pokemon Diamond Version?

you have to use the dowsing app on your poketch (app #7) in Valor Lakefront near the hotel. you tap on your poketch and it will respond with a blinking circle. then just press the A button on random tiles near the hotel and eventually you will find the suite key.Smilelily:OMG thanks for talling me you rock!

In Pokemon diamond you have a cheat to catch Pokemon it is hold down A until pokeball turns yellow and then tap A until captured?

really????? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!:D:D

What does ffm mean in Tap Tap Revenge?

It's an app ;)

What is the Pokedex called in Japanese?

The Pokedex is an iOS app that was initially made and marketed only in Japan. This app is available as a paid app from Nintendo. Nintendo also released a Japan only free Pokedex app. In Japan the Pokedex is called Pokemon Say Tap.

What is pm on tap tap?

WEll am guessing it means a kind of app:)