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well i think you need to get half of a gaia key witch is at rooftop run daytime next you go to honka to get the other edge daytime then go to professor then you should go to chun-un and play dragon road nightime then go to spagonia entrace stage and go behind the first tower you see get to the gate beat the boss and i think your okay

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Q: Where do you get into the Spagonia Gaia Temple in Sonic Unleashed?
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Where do you get wall jumping shoes in Sonic Unleashed?

You get them from Spagonia in the Gaia Gate. Explore a bit and you should be able to find them.

What is Chip's real on Sonic Unleashed?

Light Gaia

What do you do if you finish eggman's land in sonic unleashed?

you have to fight dark gaia

What other characters are in Sonic Unleashed?

Sonic is the main character, obviously. Chip is a new character, also later known as Light Gaia. Dark Gaia is the big evil monster in the middle of the world. Dr. Eggman is the evil genius who gave Dark Gaia a wake-up call. Tails is a two-tailed fox and Sonic's best friend. Prof. Pickle is a professor at Spagonia and Shamar universities. Amy Rose is a hedgehog who is in love with Sonic. There are lots of minor characters besides that, but they're the main ones.

How do you defeat Dark Gaia in sonic unleashed?

Hit all seven eyes with Super Sonic with rings

Will there be any new Sonic the Hedgehog characters soon?

There will be Chip(Light Gaia) in Sonic Unleashed, and Melrina in Sonic and the Black Knight.

What does the 'unleashed' stand for in Sonic Unleashed?

In Sonic Unleashed sonic is turned into a part of Dark Gaia (a giant ghost-like being that lives deep within the earth) and releases his inner "dark side" so to speak, at night.

What happens to Chip at the end of Sonic unleashed?

Chip learns his name which is Light Gaia. He helps sonic beat dark Gaia, they win(of course) and chip and sonic go separate ways

How do you get the Earth altogether in Sonic Unleashed?

By using the Gaia Temples to recharge the Chaos Emeralds.

How do you find the elder on sonic unleashed in the china world?

Kill the dark gaia phanox

Is Chip aka Light Gaia from Sonic Unleashed a fox with wings?

no ., it is no fox but he has wings !

Why did sonic passed out after defeating dark gaia in sonic unleashed?

cause he was super and it was alot of work and power so he fainted