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you can find Dusk balls in Blackthorn City- ask the lady furthest away from the shop entrance when you enter the Pokemarket.

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Q: Where do you get dusk balls in HeartGold?
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Where can you get dusk balls in heartgold?

in blackthorn city, $1000 each

What kind of pokeballs catch a Kyogre in Pokemon heartgold?

Custom balls: friend balls, heavy balls, sometimes love balls Regular: dusk if night time great balls and ect.

With which pokeball you catch mewtow in HeartGold?

you can use to balls to catch him ultra ball and and a dusk all but it takes time to do and paralyies him to

What ball do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon heartgold?

You can catch Mewtwo with any Poké Ball and those include the regular Poké Ball as well as the Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls and Nest Balls.

What kind of poke balls is there on heartgold and SoulSilver?

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the PokéBalls that you can get are: Poké Balls, Heal Balls, Great Balls, Net Balls, Dusk Balls, Friend Balls, Level Balls, Moon Balls, Heavy Balls, Lure Balls, Fast Balls, Luxury Balls, Ultra Balls, Love Balls, Nest Balls, Premier Balls, Quick Balls, Repeat Balls, Safari Balls, Timer Balls and Master Balls.

What is the best pokeball to capture Lugia in heartgold?

i would suggest dusk and ultra balls but if you want to capture it without lowering its hp get a friends lugia and use repeat balls

What ball do you catch ho ho with?

in heartgold master soulsilver bring a water Pokemon and use a water type move on it.then use a ultra ball.bring lots of ultra balls and dusk balls.

How do you find the town where dusk balls are Pokemon diamond?

there is no town or city that has dusk balls sorry

Where do you find a dusk stone in pokemon heartgold?

you can find a dusk stone in the ruins of alpha

Where do you buy Dusk Balls and Quick Balls at in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

You can get Dusk Ball and Quick Balls at Fallarbor Town.

How do you get timer balls and dusk balls?

You can get them in snowpoint city

How do you catch lugiwa in heartold?

You an catch lugia(you spelled lugia wrong by the way)in the Whirl Islands(depending what game you have,this is for HeartGold and SoulSilver)I forgot which island it was, but you need the silver wing and I think the clear bell, but you MUST get the silver wing and I believe you can get it in Pewter City. Be carefull though buy alot of poke balls and dusk balls and great balls and especialy ultra balls I caught it in a dusk ball with help from my sister.