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go into the tall building next to the poke mart, then go to the young boy, talk to him, then he will ask you if you want to trade a buizel for his chatot, choose buizel and if you train it hard, it will learn chatter, go pokemon, click on chatot, and press the a button on chatter, then speak into the microphone where it says mic, oh! and you can beat the gym leader with it, and remember that sometimes traded pokemon wont listen to you so train it until it grows out of it. note: dont use the mic in a car because it makes blurring sounds that might get annoying. hope that it helps! and i am 10 years old and a year 4, i go to stella maris! soon my mum will let me have an account, i am going to name my account zorua girl because i love zorua! and i want to have a pic of zorua on my account!(: (: (:

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Q: Where do you get chatot in eterna city?
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Where do you get chatot in pearl?

To get a Chatot in Pearl you must travel to Eterna City. Once in Eterna City from there go to the big building next to the gym and trade a man a Buizel for Chatot.

Where is the guy that trades you chatot in diamond Pokemon?

In the Eterna City Condos. WARNING! The Chatot he trades you NEVER does what its told to!

What Pokemon knows sing on Pokemon Diamond?

Chatot can learn sing. You can get one by trading a buizel with a boy in Eterna city.

Where do you get the 102nd Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Chatot you can get him route 222 & 224 or a kid inside his house in Eterna City will trade you for a Buizel.

Where do you find a chatot in pokemon platinum?

In the tall grass on the route towards Sunyshore City (I forget the actual name of the route, sorry). A dude in the Eterna City Condos will also trade you a Chatot called Charap (aaaww!) in return for a Buizel. Hope this helped :)

Pokemon Diamond chatot?

To get a Chatot in Pokemon Diamond- 1.) You can go to Eterna City and in the first floor of the building next to the Pokemart a Buizel for a Chatot named Charap. The Chatot will be the same level as the buizel you give to him. 2.) You can go to Route 213 for a Chatot level: 23, 25 3.) You can go to Route 218 for a Chatot level: 28, 30 4.) You can go to Route 222 for a Chatot level: 38 5.) You can go to Route 224 for a Chatot level: 52, 54

Where to find chatot on diamond?

first catch a buziel go to eterna city and go in the big building next to cycle road talk to the little kid and trade him OR you can catch them, they are West from Sunyshore

Where can i find Commander Jupiter in Pokemon Diamond?

She is in Eterna city She is in Eterna city She is in Eterna city She is in Eterna city

How do you find chatot in heartgold?

there is a boy in eterna city that wants a buizel. he will trade you a chatot for your buizel.(buizel found at valley wind works,route 205 south,205 north,213 and route 224.) Also you can find chatot at route 213(where i found it looking for buizel...)

How do you re nickname your Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

In Eterna City there is a building that has a sign says "Name Rating Service Available". There is also a little boy willing to trade a Chatot for your Buizel.

What are the platinum in game trades?

I count there are only 4 in game trades -- 1. Oreburgh City Machop Abra 2. Eterna City Buizel Chatot 3. Snowpoint City Medicham Haunter 4. Route 226 Finneon Magikarp

Is the old chateau in eterna city?

no its in eterna forest near the entrance to eterna city