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I count there are only 4 in game trades --

1. Oreburgh City Machop Abra

2. Eterna City Buizel Chatot

3. Snowpoint City Medicham Haunter

4. Route 226 Finneon Magikarp

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Q: What are the platinum in game trades?
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Can you get Ho-oh in Pokemon platinum?

You can't get it in-game, you can only get it through trades or through migration - that's it.

Can wiiconnect24 update you on your Pokemon platinum trades?

Probably not.

Can you get a gracadia flower if your friend trades you a shaymin?

Yes, but you can only get the flower in platinum.

Is there an action replay code for new Pokemon on platinum to be on pearl?

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it's a platinum Pokemon only trades can get it maybe in the future but.

Can you trade pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to platium?

You can do oneway trades. From Firered to Platinum, but not back. You need to get the National Dex and then go to Pal Park on Route 222 below Sandgem Town. Then you can migrate Pokemon from Firered or any GBA game to Platinum.

Who want to do friendly trades in Pokemon platinum?

Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! platinum friend code: Dawn 3867 8224 6730 I'd rather battle, though. ^_^

What Is Platinum Version?

the game of platinum

How do you get all the Pokemon in Pokemon platinum without an action replay?

You either have to migrate Pokemon or receive them in trades

How can I complete the National Dex if I don't own a GBA and GBA Pokemon game to migrate to my platinum?

Well, in Pokemon Platinum, all you have to do is see the Pokemon rather than capture it so if you're able to battle a trainer with that Pokemon, it will still count in your Pokedex. However, you can also make trades with people who do have those Pokemon or borrow a GBA game from a friend.

How do you know if this is platinum?

it will say platinum on the game case...

When was Platinum Game created?

Platinum Game was created on 1999-08-31.

Can a team trade anyone after August 31?

There are very few trades in the game but if you have not done them all they will stay there waiting to trades