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you can show bill's grandfather (he is watching bill's house at Cerulean Cape) a lickitung to get an everstone then he wants to see an oddish for a leafstone then staryu for waterstone then growlithe for firestone then pichu for the thunderstone

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Q: Where do you get an electric stone in pokemon crystal?
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How do you get a electric stone in crystal version?

you have to talk to bills dad NNE of cerulean city he will give you a stone for showing him a Pokemon. the first Pokemon is lickingtongue but im not sure what stone he gives you first just keep showing him the Pokemon he asks for and you will get it eventually

What is the hard stone in Pokemon Crystal?

Pokemon crystal? Pokemon Diamond it's a stone dice that powers up rock type moves.

Where do you get a moon stone in Pokemon Crystal?


How do you find water stone on pokemon liquid crystal?

Pokemon Liquid Crystal is not a game. However, in Pokemon Crystal, one can find a water stone on Route 25, along with most other evolutionary stones available within the game.

How do you evolve poliwirl in Pokemon Crystal?

water stone

How can get the shiny stone in Pokemon Crystal?

You can't evolve Togetic in Pokemon Crystal as Shiny stones did not exist in Crystal. Togekiss was also introduced in Gen4. Crystal is Gen 2?

In Pokemon crystal version does a poliwag evolve with a fire stone?

no it does not evolve with a fire stone.

What level will kadabra evolve in Pokemon liquid crystal?

Kadabra evolves into Alakazam when traded in Pokemon Liquid Crystal.

How many times can you get a water stone in Pokemon crystal?


How do you find a sun stone in Pokemon liquid crystal?

There are stone sellers for moon, fire, sun, thunder and water stones in Pokemon Liquid Crystal. The stone sellers for sun stones can be found in the Olivine lighthouse from a geek.

Where you can find electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

You don't. because this game takes place in soviet russia, the electric type pokemon fin YOU.

How do you get hard stone in Pokemon Crystal?

You can get the Hard Stone from Arthur, who is located on Route 36 on Thursdays.