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You don't. because this game takes place in soviet Russia, the electric type pokemon fin YOU.

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Q: Where you can find electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?
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Where can you find an electric type Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

Electric types are generally found in the power plant.

Electric type Pokemon?

There are a few electric type Pokemon you can get in ruby and sapphire and emerald like Electrike you can find a lot of them in New Mauville you can find Magnemite and Voltorb. Other electric types you can get are Pikachu, Mareep.

What type of Pokemon is Elekid?

Elekid is an Electric type pokemon.

What Pokemon beat electric?

Ground type Pokemon can beat Electric type Pokemon easily.

How do you get to the 13th gym leader on Pokemon Crystal?

if u go to youtube type in nachos Pokemon crystal playthrough and it tells u everything jsut find the part u are on

Electric type Pokemon weak to what type Pokemon?

yes it is, when u attack a electric Pokemon with a dark Pokemon it as no effect.

In Pokemon gold where can you find electric type Pokemon?

you can get mareep in between the violet city and union cave

What beats electric Pokemon?

Fire type Pokemon or fire type moves beat electric Pokemon.

What would be a good Pokemon for the electric type gym in Pokemon white?

Ground types are great against electric types so find yourself a decent ground type Pokemon and train it a bit then use it.

What is the fastest electric type Pokemon?

The fastest electric type pokemon is probably........... Jolteon

Where do you find electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Red without surfing?

The first Electric-type Pokemon you'll likely encounter will be Pikachu in Viridian Forest, which does not require Surf. It is rare, so several encounters may be needed. The next Electric-type Pokemon you can get before Surf is Jolteon. You can acquire an Eevee in Celadon City as a gift, but a Thunderstone is required. The rest of the Electric-type Pokemon will need Surf to reach them.

What hurts electric Pokemon?

Electric Pokemon have a very powerful and crippling weakness to the Ground type. Ground type moves are super effective against most Electric type Pokemon. In addition Ground type Pokemon are also immune to Electric type moves.